Thursday, October 18, 2012

The End

No really, it's the end of this blog.

Don't freak out, Mom. I'm not quitting. I'm just moving. :-)

I hate having to change blog addresses, but it was my only remaining option aside from just quitting, which really isn't an option at all. When I scroll through my old blog posts (especially from several years ago) it makes me sooooo happy! I just LOVE seeing all of the pictures of the kids when they were so little and all of the places we've been and things we've seen and done--and reading about all of the crazy things the kids have said and done. It is aptly named, "Story of My Life" and I'd really like to keep writing it. Too many good things about life that I would otherwise forget entirely.

BUT I can't keep putting pictures on this blog. It's either going to take way, way, way, way, wa-a-a-a-a-ay too much time and effort, or it's going to take $2.49 per month. The money wouldn't be that big of a deal if you could pay up and then not worry about it for a year, but they automatically charge your credit card each and every month--something James is sooooo not okay with. So I was left with only one other option.

I have created a new identity and a new blog, with a fresh and new and empty web album in which to start uploading lots of photos!

So, sadly, this is the end of this blog. I hope that it will always be here so I can access my former life (ha!), but I'll be continuing in a new location. If you're interested, the new site is:

But first, be sure to check out the house pictures below if you haven't already. :-)


Vicki Smith said...

First of all, I'm surprised that cokelady is available. I would have thought that name would already be taken. But that's an easy one to remember. I'm okay with you moving, just not with you quitting. :-) I'm happy you've come up with a workable solution.

Rebekah said...

"Cokelady" and any of the possible variations were NOT available when I started blogging. But that's when blogging was all the rage and all of the good addresses were already taken. I rememeber trying and trying and trying and everything I could think of was already taken! I finally looked around the room (my office, in Texas) and saw the kids junk EVERYWHERE and *presto* buriedintoys came to mind--and was available. Apparently in the years since then people have been deleting their blogs and the addresses are available again??? I don't care what the address is, really--I just want to be able to blog and post pictures. :-)

Tammy K. said...

Just looked at your house pictures. Those rooms are HUGE!!!! Great transformation of the house. See you at your new blog.

Tammy K. said...

I am trying to comment on your new blog but that "prove your not a robot" thing will not take my answers. I have tryed like 8 or 9 times.

Rebekah said...

Sorry, Tammy--I didn't know the anti-robot thing was even there. I think I've removed it now if you want to try again. Is the anti-robot thing activated on THIS blog? Seems like I might have had to do that some time ago due to strange, random comments showing up from automated senders. ???

Tammy K. said...

I think you did have to take it off this blog in the beginning. Thanks. I will try to comment again.